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2 ‘outside attacks’ at Whim Anglican Primary

Students traumatised

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Parents of students at the Whim Anglican Primary School say they will keep their children at home until the school is properly fenced, after two major incidents within the last week left students traumatised. In the first case, a physical altercation between the parents of a child attending the school on March 2 left parents concerned that the situation may have escalated and ended similarly to a recent incident at the Lambeau Nursery School last month.

A Tobago House of Assembly official told Tobago Today that “although the matter took place behind the school, students witnessed the incident and reported it to their parents.”

In the other instance, some men from the village tried to attack students after stones being thrown at fruits on a nearby tree hit one of the villagers. The school’s PTA public relations officer Joel Simmons said: “The men became angry and started to curse the children, throw stones and threatened to enter the yard to harm them.”

He said the matter did not escalate because the teachers stood their ground. Adding that the school is also at the mercy of thieves, he said, “They walk onto the compound and steal crops from the students’ garden and anything of value.”

He made an appeal to the authorities to do what is necessary to rectify the problem. He said the principal has written to various people in authority and although the students have been kept at home since Monday, the teachers were still reporting for duty.

Meanwhile, a release from the office of Chief Secretary and Secretary of Education, Innovation and Energy Kelvin Charles, indicated he met with the school principal and Division Administrator Jacqueline Job to discuss the way forward for operations at the school.

The release said the division pledges its commitment to continued collaboration with the school’s board of management “for a timely resolution and reassures the people of Tobago that safety and security within our schools continue to be a high priority.”