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Moore wants opposition to unite in fight against PNM

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Christlyn Moore

Tobago Forwards leader Christlyn Moore is once again calling for a united opposition in Tobago.

In a New Year’s message via her vlog, Moore said it was long overdue that the opposition parties start thinking clearly and come under one banner to root out the ills of the current administration.

“If the opposition in Tobago cannot get it together and will not get it together, because we remain divided over ego and all these kinds of things, you know what, we are no better than the PNM,” Moore said.

“We say that we are a better solution, we say that we are a more honourable and honest solution, we say that we hear the cries of the people and are willing to put down our personal lives and our professional lives and open ourselves up to the ridicule and scrutiny of public life. Come on, we say that, but what are we doing Tobago opposition?”

She challenged all the leaders of the four minority parties on the island to unite for the betterment of citizens

“We say we are leaders, well let us create the opportunity to lead.  This is my challenge for 2018 and it is the challenge of Watson Duke, it is the challenge of Ashworth Jack, it is the challenge of Hochoy Charles, it is the challenge of Eudine Job and if we are not taking up the challenge, we need to get out of the space and let the PNM do what the hell they want with Trinidad and Tobago ..., that is the challenge for 2018,” she said.

Moore said she has been willing to exercise this idea for the past two years and was willing to give it another try.