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Cops seize three firearms, ammo

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Homemade shotgun found at Plymouth last week.

Tobago police officers have taken several arms and ammunition off the streets following various exercises last week.

In the first instance, officers went to a forested area at Castara Road, Mt St George, around 7.45 am where they found a black plastic bag containing a snub nose revolver loaded with two rounds of .38mm ammunition. No one was arrested.

In second exercise, PC Turpin and other officers from the Crown Point Police Station were on patrol along Centre Street, Canaan, when they saw a man known to them. Police said the man looked in their direction, dropped something and ran. On checking, a loaded Luger pistol along with eight rounds of 9mm ammunition were found. A warrant was issued for the man's arrest.

After a third exercise last Monday, officers from the Tobago Homicide Bureau acting on a tip-off went to Plymouth where they found a homemade shotgun in some bushes. Acting on more information, Tobago Task Force officers also went to a bushy area at Milford Road, Crown Point, where magazine containing 13 rounds of .9mm ammunition was found. Investigations are continuing.

With five firearms being recovered in Tobago for 2017, Assistant Commissioner of Police for Tobago Garfield Moore said the division was fulfilling the national mandate of ridding communities of illegal firearms.

“It is something where we are depending, not solely but heavily, on the public to share the information with us, so that we could retrieve those firearms, because we realise that out of the five murders that we have for this year, four were firearm related. Also, in recent times we have incidents where firearms were involved, so we are very concerned with the trend that is developing now and we are hoping that we can really retrieve some of those firearms so that the general public can get some sense of safety,” Moore told Tobago Today. (CTF)