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Cal Increases Seats for Easter and Jazz

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Caribbean Airlines is ready to transport 55,196 passengers on the domestic airbridge for the period April 7-24.

According to a release from the airline, 17,500 seats are available for the Easter weekend 13-17 April. During the Tobago Jazz Festival- 27 April- 1 May a similar number of seats are available.

According to Dionne Ligoure, Head of Corporate Communications, Cal is giving “The domestic air bridge …high priority.” Noting that the airbridge is a “ significant part of Caribbean Airlines’ operations” she said the airline has taken “cognisant of the high demand during the Easter holidays and the Jazz Festival and has carefully planned how resources will be used on the airbridge.”

She added:”Our operations and airport teams are focussed on careful flight management and service delivery.” The release noted that “in the last year, Caribbean Airlines has met and exceeded demand expectations during Christmas, Carnival, Easter, the Jazz Festival and other holiday weekends.”