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Thirty-one take pledge

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Three female teachers and 31 male students of the Scarborough RC School joined the worldwide brotherhood of Scouts Association when they became part of the 2nd Scarborough Cub Scouts last Thursday, at the Division of Community and Culture Building, Glen Road, Scarborough.

The Scout Association is the largest Scouting organisation in the United Kingdom. Is was formed in 1910 and incorporated in 1912 by a Royal Charter under its previous name of The Boy Scouts Association.

The investiture ceremony, which gave the Scouts and their new leaders the opportunity to publicly show their commitment to the Scouts law, Scouts and Scouters by saying the Scout’s Promise, began even before the carded 9 am start and was well attended by parents, well wishes and Lambeau Primary school’s Scouts and Scouter.

In bringing greetings on behalf of the Tobago Vicariate, Agnes Murray, Executive Secretary to the Moderator- Father Leslie Tang Kai- St Joseph RC, told the gathering she was excited by the few men at the ceremony.

“My pet peeve is the number of men who show up at these ceremonies as, despite the progress we have made as women, men add to the richness of life and are the spice of the earth,” Murray said.

She said she was also particularly pleased with the relatively large number of boys who were part of the day’s event. When she heard they were not forced or coerced to join the Scout association she told them they had made the right decision as they would be taught the qualities of discipline and leadership. She said those qualities will take them into manhood.

“ Stick with the choice of right direction and you will be happy for it,” she advised the youngsters.

Roy Cott- Chairman , Tobago Scout Council, echoed similar sentiments and added that the boys would begin their journey into manhood with a well-respected organization that is accepted worldwide.

“ You see the stairs you took to get to the top of this building, I likened the journey you are beginning to those stairs,” Cott told the boys. “ You are beginning a wonderful journey,” he added.