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2nd Street Fair deemed “tremendous success”

Cool vibes

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Kelly Ann stirs her pot of callaloo during the cook-out competition at the fair.

Business owners who staged this year’s second annual Street Fair in the Crown Point district have deemed it a “tremendous success,” according to the event committee’s chairperson Shirley Cooke.

Cooke, the visionary behind the event, told Tobago Today that despite the challenges with the domestic sea bridge, the fair was “successful” as the business owners “took the bull by the horns” and staged the four-day event.

She said in comparison to similar types of events sponsored by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) where “millions were spent,” the event was held with a relatively low budget and was “a resounding success.”

“The police, owners, patrons and artistes all did well to ensure the level of success achieved and we are looking forward to next year,” Cooke said.

The fair will become an annual fixture in October. The entire area, including the streets and Pigeon Point and Store Bay beaches, take on a Carnival-type atmosphere as vendors selling goods, from food to cars, line the district with tents and put on displays for patrons.

Cooke said the committee will still look at the “hiccups” it experienced this year. She noted, however, that the business owners are looking forward to more infrastructural support from the THA and Government next year.

“We want to have water and lights readily available for different areas and we want the sea and air bridges to work efficiently.”

She also noted that “the committee will redouble its efforts” to have a “bigger” and “brighter” event next year.

Kathleen Griffith, who hails from Valsayn, Trinidad and visited Tobago specifically for the event, said she was pleased by what she had seen.

“The vibes were cool and I actually felt safe as there were so many police around and people were generally friendly,” she told Tobago Today.

She said she will return for the event next year as it was “quite enjoyable.”