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Dasheen’s mellow, earthy flavour and firm yet creamy texture makes it the perfect addition to delicious stews and curries, and it can also be enjoyed in bite-sized chunks in the rich soups traditionally cooked on Saturdays (or any day of the week you wish!)

However, with the dawn of the Tobago Blue Food Festival in 2008, local cooks began exploring... Read more

Tobago’s senior school teachers have been lauded for allowing their students to experience the recent 12th annual trinidad + tobago film festival in person.

Bishop’s High School, always a major supporter of the festival, along with Roxborough, Speyside and Pentecostal Light and Life High Schools packed out the theatre at MovieTowne, Lowlands, to see The Tempest.

Signal Hill Senior Comprehensive... Read more

Fireworks, a cultural extravaganza and a morning military parade were part of the Republic Day celebrations in Roxborough to mark this country’s 41st anniversary as a Republic.

The parade, which made a comeback after more than 20 years, saw contingents from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Prisons Service, Fire Service, Pathfinders, Boys Brigade, Cadet Force and Scouts and other... Read more

Speaker after speaker at the annual Republic Day AIDS Awareness Walk congratulated organisers Friends of Tobago Aids Society (FOTAS) for the work it had done over the past 16 years with people affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS.

The walk, which began at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, Bacolet, at 5 am and ended at the Store Bay Beach Facility, Crown... Read more

Memories of poverty, a desire to help and the grit to go it alone, if she had to, drove a Tobagonian residing abroad to give back to her homeland to equip for school.

Eight years ago, Tobago-born Helianne Duke visited her home for vacation. A familiar scene at a book store stirred her to action.

“I was in the book... Read more

The term golden years has taken new meaning for artiste and writer Milca Robinson Reid whose book “Important Moments: Episodic Tobago” is now a best seller on the Amercian-based shopping website Amazon.

The book, which was launched on August 30th at Calder Hall, contains poems, stories, monologues and plays and offers the reader stories from a Tobago perspective.

During the... Read more

Many Tobagonians took time during the summer vacation to volunteer at the Gentle Giants Foundation Tobago (GGFT) summer camp.

The Tobago-based non-governmental organisation says through the assistance of volunteers this year’s summer camp, which ran from August 14- 25 and was geared towards the holistic development of young people, was successful.

The organisation introduced the summer camp attendees to “sporting... Read more

The Environmental Research Institute (ERIC), a not-for-profit - institute based in Charlotteville, launched its “Forest Check” programme last Saturday with persons from North East - Tobago and visitors from Italy, Canada, and the US.

It’s the only programme of its kind in the world.

Developed by leading Tobago tour guides, in collaboration with ecologists and senior sustainable tourism experts from... Read more

Seven-year-old Nigerian-born internet comedienne Emanuella Samuel is coming to Tobago.

The YouTube comedienne starred in Mark Angel Comedy videos and was featured on CNN after becoming Africa’s youngest YouTube award winner.

In addition, she won two awards at the Afro Australia Music and Movie Awards (AAMMA) in Sydney, Australia and the Princess of Comedy by the Australian government.

Emanuella and... Read more

Scores of mothers, babies and other family members took part in this year's Tobago-leg of the annual breastfeeding walk which was held last Saturday.

The walk, which was organised by the Breastfeeding Association of Trinidad and Tobago, took place in Scarborough. This year the association is celebrating its 25th anniversary and held activities between August 1-7.

Addressing participants after the... Read more

Tobago-born Adjunct Lecturer, Criminologist, Researcher and Barrister, Dr Wendell C. Wallace won the 2017 Frederic Milton Thrasher Award for his research in gang activity.

The award was named in honour of Frederic Milton Thrasher-author of the book The Gang: 1,313 Gangs in Chicago. The award acknowledges scholarly works, on public safety issues, done by individuals, groups and organisations.

The National... Read more

Martin Superville, a Trinidadian artist resident in Tobago for the past 20 years, is beaming with pride after hosting the first successful Art Integrated Show in Tobago at the Art Gallery, Lowlands.

Speaking just after the show, which ran from Monday 29th May – Saturday 3rd June, Superville said the elements involved in pulling off a show of that... Read more

Goodwood High School principal Sherra Carrington-James says the school system should encourage students to be entrepreneurs and provide adequate support for this to take place.

She made this remark during the school’s Entrepreneurship Day 2017 on Friday, May 19th.

The event allowed students to feature innovative concepts and business ideas that were developed as a result of the... Read more

Three female teachers and 31 male students of the Scarborough RC School joined the worldwide brotherhood of Scouts Association when they became part of the 2nd Scarborough Cub Scouts last Thursday, at the Division of Community and Culture Building, Glen Road, Scarborough.

The Scout Association is the largest Scouting organisation in the United Kingdom. Is was formed in 1910 and... Read more

Over the years the name Ornella Walker has become synonymous with swimming in Tobago. At 6 foot tall the sixteen-year-old Scarborough Secondary School student has taken the local swimming world by storm.

Her natural ability to swim was discovered accidentally as she was really into Track and Field but growth spurts caused her to develop some problems with her joints.... Read more

Dear Janelle,

My husband and I have been married for sixteen years. We have three children together ages 18, 17 and 15.

From very early in our marriage, we realised that things were not going to work out even though things seemed fine before marriage.

We agreed to stick it out for the children and because we had the mortgage... Read more

15-year-old Ezekiel Wilson has his sights set on becoming the first Tobago -based swimmer making it to the Olympics and medalling.

Based on his achievements to date, the most recent of which is his performance at the first round of tryouts for the Goodwill games last weekend, Ezekiel is working hard to achieve that goal.

The young Tobago swimmer, who... Read more

For some, Good Friday means going to church and reflecting on the sacrifices of Christ, while for others it means spending the day enjoying family time at home or on the beach. However, for one Plymouth resident, Good Friday is the day to keep a vision alive.

Tessa Alfred, a former Tobago House of Assembly Interdepartment Carnival Queen, continues a... Read more

The 3rd standard Social Studies students of the Lambeau Anglican Primary School were given the opportunity to live, for a few hours, in their ancestor's shoes.

The students donned their ancestors' outfits and felt the textures worn by the people who made contributions to the development of Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition to learning about the cultural groups the students... Read more

Tobago’s own Adana Roberts, sobriquet “Adana” continues to develop into one of this country’s formidable forces in the music industry. Continuously leaving audiences in awe of her strong, sultry voice the artiste’s versatility has earned her fame throughout the country, with a series of hits in various genres including soca, reggae and R&B.

Adana spoke about how she evolved as... Read more