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Prior to the 1990s, a formal structure to facilitate visitor viewing of nesting leatherback turtles on our beaches was non-existent. Back then, the annual turtle nesting population in north-east Trinidad averaged 100; the Wildlife Division yet had an uphill challenge of regular beach patrols to dissuade poachers who preyed on female turtles to extract their flippers and who harvested eggs... Read more

The story of a carpenter’s apprentice reply, of “20 inches and a kuh,” to his master’s request for the measurement of a piece of wood, captures the essence of economic data activity in Tobago.

At the moment there is no reliable Tobago-specific data collecting agency and the Central Statistical Office (CSO), which services both islands, is woefully inadequate.

Moody’s, the... Read more

As is customary, this year’s national budget was greeted with predictions of doom and gloom as political pundits motivated by either party politics, race or other factors attempted to prepare the country for the worst.

In Tobago, tales were rehashed of suffering during the ANR Robinson-led National Alliance for Reconstruction era when 15 per cent VAT was introduced, public services... Read more

Six Tobago entrepreneurs have received monetary assistance from the Business Development Unit on the Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour. In a release, the division said five of the six received business grants while one received a business loan in the sum of $350,000.

The recipients received their funds at a ceremony at the division recently. The Enterprise... Read more

Last week, Joint Select Committee member and Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Franklin Khan observed that the inter-island ferry situation exposed the “precarious” nature of Tobago’s economy.

Many actions by the central government, Tobago House of Assembly (THA), hoteliers, bankers and islanders are responsible for its downfall. More than anything else, the state of the island’s tourism sector, its... Read more

The non-appearance of Tobago House of Assembly’s (THA) Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, before the 11th Public Meeting: Joint Select Committee(JSC) on Land and Infrastructure’s inquiry into the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Ferry Service which focused on the procurement and maintenance of the ferries, should be of grave concern to every Tobagonian.

As the governing body on the island, with only... Read more

When prominent Trinidad businessman Gregory Aboud questioned central government’s attention to Tobago’s affairs including the island’s annual budgetary allocation and it’s governing administration’s spending of funds, he was echoing the views and perceptions many Trinidadians hold about Tobago.

Indeed, the views unearth questions about Tobago’s economic value and its capacity to generate income and reason for its continued dependence on... Read more

Recent remarks by Tobago House of Assembly officials - Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles and Deputy Chief Secretary and Finance and Enterprise Secretary Joel Jack, on the new administration's performance and Tobago's economy respectively are reminiscent of the Hans Christian Andersen's story, 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.

Firstly, the Economy Secretary's statement that the island has been experiencing growth and increased its... Read more

The current situation faced by Tobago’s tourism stakeholders and the measures being put in place by the Tobago House of Assembly and the central government to revitalise Tobago’s tourism sector epitomises the idiom, ‘while the grass is growing the cow is starving’.

Secretary of the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation, Nadine Stewart-Phillips’ February 15th announcement that the Executive Council... Read more

Tobago-born prime minister Dr Keith Christopher Rowley’s ferry ride to Tobago last Sunday struck responsive chords with his political party supporters and opponents. The former group applauded the act while it drew the chagrin of the latter.

But for whatever the trip was worth at least it gave the PM the opportunity to gain experience firsthand of some of... Read more

The existing crises with the air and sea bridges have reached fever pitch and everyone is feeling the pinch.

Although Chief Secretary Keith Charles should be given some credit for his May 17th address to Tobagonians as it’s the first time in the THA’s history a sitting Chief Secretary took the time to explain the Assembly’s actions to the... Read more

This year’s Tobago Jazz Festival, funded by the Tobago House of Assembly, will perhaps best be remembered for the interisland transportation chaos, on the air and sea bridges, preceding it.The interisland transportation woes, well documented by the media, may have triggered fear among would-be travellers resulting in fewer visitors travelling to Tobago for the festival. Although attendance figures at all... Read more

The interisland sea transportation chaos, specifically in relation to the Superfast Galicia, has certainly left an indelible mark on the minds of citizens of this country, especially Tobagonians. Wholesalers and retailers began to panic buy as the spectre of being without food and building materials loomed large before islanders.

The reality is that although information regarding the vessel’s departure to... Read more

As employees at the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) struggle for backpay, although their Trinidad colleagues received theirs, Public Services Association (PSA) president, Watson Duke’s remarks that Tobago employees are no less than their Trinidad counterparts and must be treated as such, are quite appropriate.

But while we empathise with the struggle we also note with concern that despite the... Read more

The passing of the motion, to phase out the use of Styrofoam and find alternative products for use in Tobago, augurs well for Tobago’s future. The support it received from the opposition – Minority leader, Watson Duke and his colleague Farley Augustine- perhaps signals the level of collaboration that will take place, from both sides of the benches, going forward.... Read more

The recent resignation of the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago’s (PATT) board and the announcement of a new one soon after is the latest debacle in a series of missteps by PATT.

For instance service on the interisland ferry over the last weekend was full of woes and many passengers swore they will never venture to use the service... Read more

We are heartened that newly installed Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles is engaging in conversations in an attempt to restore our pride and dignity.

Firstly, the motion he moved ,at the last Plenary Sitting, calling for a code of conduct to be drafted for and by Assemblymen, seeks to ensure that matters at the Plenary Sitting are conducted in a manner... Read more

The sporadic and rapid development taking place in Crown Point is a product of unplanned urban development.

The noise pollution of which so many residents and tourists speak is not confined to that area alone but is a general problem experienced by other communities within the country. It is also a symbol of the level of lawlessness we are currently... Read more

The Tobago House of Assembly January 23rd election is quite memorable for many reasons. Firstly the electioneering rhetoric showed the proverbial petticoat in our country’s social and cultural dress.

On full display was the relationship between Trinidadians and Tobagonians – the notion that the former group of citizens dared to visit to meddle in islanders’ business seemed to be on... Read more

The power of a single vote is best reflected in the Tobago House of Assembly's 2005 election results when Cynthia Alfred of the People’s National Movement (PNM) won the Bacolet/Mt St George electoral seat by two votes. She received 845 votes while Orville Jordan of the Democratic Action Congress (DAC) received 843 .

In the same year, the results in... Read more