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What is an emergency at the hospital?

SGH Casualty Dept run like a health office.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dear Madam,

I am extremely disturbed by the level of care given in the health sector in Tobago.

My husband got sick last Wednesday night and we called the ambulance and was told there was none. We called again an hour later and was told they had not returned. This was at 9 pm. We pleaded with the attendant to at least come to our house and check my husband’s pressure and diabetes whenever an ambulance arrived. No one turned up that night and later no one answered the telephone as if they were monitoring our calls. We tried calling from another number and they answered but we did not have sufficient money to continue the call.

We waiting until next morning and took him to the hospital. On arrival we pleaded with the nurse, who was constantly on her phone using WhatsApp, to monitor him and send him in because we felt he was getting a stroke. He was gravely ill and mumbling.

Noting happened as she put the file at the top of the pile and left it there. Needless to say, my husband was able to talk to us when we arrived but by the time, hours later, he was attended to he did not even know us.

It’s heart rendering to see the changes in a loved one and people who should know better leaving him to die or be permanently harmed.

My husband suffered a stroke while sitting there. It got worse because we were told to “wait our turn”!

Also, we were not able to get his blood cultures done because we were told it was a holiday period. And no therapists would be out too.

From my little reading of stroke the sooner the patient is treated the better and with viruses the sooner the culture is done the better the chance of administering appropriate care.

This situation in the hospital is not new so we are not blaming you. However, it is time something is done to affect drastic changes. The former Secretary always said it was not her jurisdiction but because you are trained in this area we feel you can make big and appropriate changes.

Patricia Pierre,