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Port Horrors

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Last Saturday morning I had a very disturbing experience at the port of Port of Spain. I arrived for the sailing to Tobago but was told it was cancelled. I was horrified as I had a confirmed sailing for that day to return on Sunday.

Not only was there no information coming from the port’s office but the nonchalant attitude of the workers made me mad.

One gentleman asked me what I wanted him to do if the boat was not working in reply to the question of why the boat was not sailing that morning and if it would sail later that day.

He was kind enough (tongue in cheek) to tell me not to wait at the port as there would be no space for my vehicle.

I spoke to a gentleman who was at the port the night before. he was there at 10 pm. He was in line to sail to Tobago on the 4 pm ferry.

In fact, the vehicles that were in line to travel to Tobago were there the night before. If the vessels did not sail that evening what was the position with those arriving for the morning and evening sailings?

I decided to take the plane to Tobago and was glad I did as I had a fun time. I plan to stay away from the travelling by the ferry for a long time. It’s one thing for the ferry not to sail but to be treated badly by port workers is a horrible thing.

Gary Thomas, Carenage