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Poor Conditions at SGH

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I visited the Scarborough General Hospital with my wife and was shocked at the poor conditions Ii saw there. I was alarmed that the nurse did not change their gloves between patients. I saw a gentleman with sores being attended to before another gentleman and the nurse did not change her gloves!!!

When I asked her why she did not she told me they were short on supply. Needless to say, I was so shocked that I almost took my wife out as we are visiting from abroad and are involved in the health fraternity.

I was shocked too that nurses were on their phones constantly while attending to patients and barely looked at their patients but were more interested in their phone.

Imagine my surprise when a woman who attended to my wife left the hospital in an extremely short skirt and top and walked with a nine-inch high heeled shoe! She was a doctor and besides not having proper manners to tell us good morning before attending to my wife she also held her head in the air and walked off without even speaking to us.

Imagine too that there was no one to read the Xray as we were told the radiologist resides in Trinidad and no one else could read the report. I could not even get water as the cafeteria was closed.

My word! Who is in charge of that place! How can they treat Tobagonians like this? I am a foreigner and I feel glad I do not have to return there.

Marlon De Freitas, England