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Massa Day Done?

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I am shocked at the present impasse involving the interisland sea transportation system.

I am old and cannot remember the last time this situation has occurred in Tobago. I am more upset because I feel that we were fooled as we were promised that things will get better if we put the same political party in Tobago and Trinidad.

I always heard cries of disrespect from the former Chief Secretary whenever things like this went wrong if it was Trinidad’s fault. The current Chief Secretary – Kelvin Charles- is silent. Come to think of it he is silent on many important issues facing Tobago.

Where are the other politicians who promised to help? Where are the defenders of Tobago? Who created the slogan, “In defence of Tobago?”

Who is defending us now? Is it that it is ok for our own to turn a blind eye or abuse us?

I will never vote in this country again! It makes no sense doing so.

C. Miller, Scarborough