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Horrible Experience at Scarborough port

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My family visited Tobago for the long weekend and had to wait for hours at the port to return home. The toilets at the Scarborough port were terrible and we were sick.

Many times we went to the desk to ask for information but were told nothing. At one point a family started to use obscene words after they were not given any information.

I have small children and was taken aback by this action but it was soon quelled by the guard. I must say I understood the plight of that family as the man kept saying he had to return to his sick dad.

Eventually, the boat arrived and we waited to board. So the 6:30 am boat left at 8:30 am but we could not get on as people began rushing and I saw workers calling certain vehicles to the front, out of the line, to board first.

We could have gotten on but without our vehicle. We choose to wait and leave Tobago that evening with our vehicle. I am so vexed by all of this that the time we spent relieving our stress was not worth it.

I hope the ferry situation is sorted out soon or we will go to Barbados instead.

Randy Maharaj,

San Fernando