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A good work ethic like the act of charity begins at home.

Alan is a perfect example of this concept. He is a Tobagonian living and working in the USA. For his entire school life he was regular and punctual. When he completed secondary school he did computer programming. Later he got the opportunity to study computer... Read more

Imagine this: Everyday you walk one flight of stairs to your work cafeteria, to buy lunch or snacks. You automatically expect to get a styrofoam container with your lunch and expect a plastic bag. You have your lunch and dump the bag and styrofoam container 30 minutes later. Those items are carted off to the landfill site where it will... Read more

My family visited Tobago for the long weekend and had to wait for hours at the port to return home. The toilets at the Scarborough port were terrible and we were sick.

Many times we went to the desk to ask for information but were told nothing. At one point a family started to use obscene words after they were... Read more

I visited the Scarborough General Hospital with my wife and was shocked at the poor conditions Ii saw there. I was alarmed that the nurse did not change their gloves between patients. I saw a gentleman with sores being attended to before another gentleman and the nurse did not change her gloves!!!

When I asked her why she did not... Read more

Dear Madam,

I am extremely disturbed by the level of care given in the health sector in Tobago.

My husband got sick last Wednesday night and we called the ambulance and was told there was none. We called again an hour later and was told they had not returned. This was at 9 pm. We pleaded with the attendant to... Read more

We have heard these stories all too often.

A nine-year-old and her eleven-year-old brother are left in the care of a family friend whom they call ‘Uncle’. ‘Uncle’ separates the two by giving the brother chores outside. Uncle then takes the nine-year-old to the bedroom and asks her for permission to touch her private place. The moment is interrupted when... Read more

As our new Chief Secretary, Kelvin Charles sets the pace for Tobago’s productivity, we want to back his call for timeliness and purpose in delivery. This week we want to suggest as individuals we can make small steps for improvement by changing the way we do some everyday things, such as The Meeting!

Start and end on time. If people... Read more

Food security has been on the front burner of Tobago’s agenda for some time now.

It’s been a focus of the last few Tobago House of Assembly administrations, and in 2017, it matters even more. In fact, The Agriculture Division’s re-designation to the Division of Food Production and Fisheries has informed a renewed focus on those areas, supported by significant... Read more

It is with a growing sense of disgust and alarm,

That I observe the growing ‘governance of harm’.

It’s engulfing both our lands you know,

but especially our island Tobago.

Mr. Augustine of the PDP won his seat fairly,

while still the PNM-THA’s employee.

Is this a good reason why his salary

Was not paid for the month of February?... Read more

Psychologists are prescribing a healthy dose of vitamin NO to children with overindulgent parents. The social experts say vitamin NO is necessary to create well-rounded human beings.

Noted child psychologist, Dr John Rosemond, posited that some children are suffering the predictable ill-effects of overindulgence. He said the absence of vitamin NO is affecting their emotional and mental health.

Rosemond advises... Read more

Policing in its current form is less than two hundred years old, having been established by Sir Robert Peel in 1829 via the London Metropolitan Police. Prior to 1829, however, policing was largely conducted by citizens and predicated on a concept similar to the current Neighbourhoood Watch. Then, policing was premised on the common understanding of self-regulation and responsibility for... Read more

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

This was more than a quote from late renowned American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer John Dewey, considered one of the leading minds of the education in the U.S. The statement supports the idea that education is for everyone. Of course, the statement also implies that education isn’t just about... Read more

I wish to express heartfelt thanks to the staff of the female medical ward at the Scarborough General Hospital who worked between October – December, last year.

I had cause to be admitted to the hospital on two occasions and spent close to one month on the ward and I was able to prove that the staff is kind and... Read more

We loved Tobago, and loved the guesthouse we were staying in but I don’t think we will ever visit Tobago again. This is a shame because the island is so beautiful, but it is one of the noisiest countries we have ever visited . Bars are allowed to play music at completely unbearable volumes it almost hurts your ears and... Read more

My family and I were recent guests at a hotel resort on the western end of Tobago- Crown Point. The resort was highly recommended by friends who had stayed there before. They praised the hotel not just for the exceptional service but also for the other amenities.

I can assure you that we booked our vacation mainly for relaxation and... Read more

Sweet, soulful, heartfelt.

That unmistakable opening guitar riff of the late Nappy Myers’ 1990s hit “Bring Back the Old Time Days” is a time machine, transporting us to a time and place where life was simpler, when many modern conveniences had not yet been invented or popular. We can virtually feel his passion for some of the human connections some... Read more

Tobagonians are making the web their domain. Everywhere you go on the island, there’s someone on a mobile device, catching up on news and current events, browsing or communicating on social media, or seeking to be innovative in bringing our small island community together, with initiatives like the Meeting Place. Entrepreneurs are finding new ways to reach customers; even the... Read more


Many people will agree that with the exception of inter-island transportation and the economy, the issue of greatest concern to residents in Tobago is crime. This is in part due to the increase in armed robberies, shootings and murders in the past few months, as well as subsequent calls for action to deal with criminal activities... Read more

Since mid-2015, the whispers within the business community in Trinidad and Tobago had been throwing up the ‘R’-word: Recession. By year’s end, it was official all but in name—the economic decline was creating worry throughout the country, and the anxiety over free falling energy prices was inversely on the rise.

The uncertainty of global energy prices, brought about by the... Read more

The murder of Shannon Banfield, whose body was found in a storage area upstairs IAM and company on Charlotte Street Thursday afternoon, stands as a tragic footnote to local commemorations of 16 days of activism—a period of special activities and observances that started on November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and ends today, World Human... Read more