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New TTPost addresses in Mason Hall leave...

Residents Confused

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mason Hall resident Lusandra Roberts stands alongside her mailbox during a visit by Tobago Today. She is one of several residents affected by recent changes made by TTPost.

“Where will my mail go to now?”
This is just one of the questions being asked by yet another group of Tobago residents who are experiencing problems with the new addresses assigned to them by TTPost. Following an outcry from residents at Canaan and Signal Hill, now residents in Mason Hall have admitted to being “confused” by their new addresses. 
President of the Mason Hall Village Council Lusandra Roberts told Tobago Today she doesn’t understand why certain parts of the addresses of a number of people in her community, including hers, have been changed.
Roberts’ address – 179 Northside Road –, for example, was changed to 68 Northside Road.
“The officers from TTPost met with the residents twice, but they only told us about a code that was supposed to be added to everyone’s address, a district code for Scarborough. Nobody told us to expect any other change or explained to us why these changes would take place,” Roberts said.
She said she received reports of similar changes to the addresses of several other residents and tried to get answers from TTPost on their behalf.
“I’ve called the Address Management Unit, not only on my behalf but also representing other residents. I spoke to an officer who promised to call me back but I am yet to hear from the office,” she complained.
The situation developed earlier this year when TTPost announced that Trinidad and Tobago would join the international community by implementing set standards of addresses through the introduction of a postal or zip code. With the new system, each postal zone was allocated a six digit postal code that was to be used to identify particular locations.
Roberts told Tobago Today she does not have a problem with the addition of a postal code, but like residents she would like to retain her house number.
“My concern is how do I notify all my contacts of these changes – nobody is going to assist me with the cost,” she said.
Roberts is also concerned about active correspondence which would have been sent to the old address, that may never reach their destination.
Tobago Today contacted TTPost’s Address Management Department where an officer, who would only give her name as Ms Beharry, confirmed that the house numbers of some addresses were changed because TTPost had implemented an “international house numbering system.” This system allocates even numbers to houses on the right and odd numbers to houses on the left, which also includes empty housing lots.
Beharry said she was not able to say why the residents were not informed of the possible change during the meetings. Asked about when these changes would take effect, she said residents should not be worried for now, as “both the old and new addresses would be used.” She added that residents should also not be worried about their correspondence being lost either, as the postal delivery personnel are “trained to handle these circumstances.”