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Updated: 36 min 40 sec ago

Peruvian Food Festival at Krave

8 hours 18 min ago

Krave Restaurant, located in Tarouba, south Trinidadm has been introducing food lovers to international flavours and styles since it opened in 2014.

Next week the restaurant is hosting a Peruvian Food Festival, headlined by guest Chef Artistoteles Brena Jamie, a Peruvian native.

Chef Artistoteles is taking time off from the helm of restaurant Nazca 21 in Casco Viejo, Panama, to ensure customers are treated to authentic and Peruvian inspired dishes.

From March 20-25, patrons will have a chance to savour the best of Peru. Tuesday’s a la carte steak night will include a “live” station with Peruvian inspired cuisine. Wednesday evening will feature a Peruvian Seafood buffet dinner.

With Ceviche being considered the national dish of Peru, guests can expect an array of delicious seafood. Thursday and Friday will feature a three-course Prix Fixe meal curated by Chef Artistoteles and the Sunday brunch will be an all you can eat Peruvian Food Fiesta.

Krave has attracted a loyal fan base that enjoys and savours the restaurant’s regular speciality buffet nights, Sunday brunches and a la carte offerings. The culinary team, headed by Belgian Executive Chef Dominique Beens, works hard to keep guests coming back to enjoy the food and ambience offered in Krave’s chic dining room.

Krave Managing Director Damion Persad has assembled a talented team and is determined to continue growing Krave’s reputation.

“The visit by Chef Artistoteles is another first for us and we look forward to continuing our commitment to offering our guests on-trend experiences of phenomenal food,” he said.

Live Music District launched

8 hours 21 min ago

A lack of venues willing to host local artistes has traditionally been a problem facing new and upcoming musicians and vocalists in T&T’s music industry.

This problem will now have been partially alleviated with the opening of T&T’s first Live Music District (LMD), which was officially launched on March 8.

The creation of this Live Music District is a key strategy being undertaken by MusicTT/ CreativeTT through the Ministry of Trade and Industry in order to not only address the challenges presented by the industry’s stakeholders but to also stimulate a new wave of economic growth through the creative industries.

MusicTT Chairman John Arnold said almost 30 venues, including bars, lounges and hotels, will be part of the first phase of the LMD, which runs from March and June of 2018. He estimated there would be approximately 700 performances, as each venue has committed to two performances per week. Arnold also said Music TT would sponsor the first 20 minutes of each performance at a rate of $500 for soloists and duets, $1,000 for small bands of three to five people and $1,500 for bands comprising more than five people. He said it was up to the performers to negotiate the rest of their fees, which should be supported by the private sector or the venue.

MusicTT General Manager Jeanelle Frontin said the venues included 4 Play Sports Bar, 51 Degrees, 63 Lounge, Alpha Rooftop, All Out, Altitude Lounge, Apex Sports Bar, The Avenue Pub House Earth, Chancellor Hotel, D Bocas, Frankie’s, Haze, Island Beer Chill & Grill, Kaiso Blues Cafe, La Locanda Italia Resturant Trinidad, M Bar, The Residence, Rizzoni’s, Samurai Restaurant, Smokey and Bunty, Tequila Twist, Trader Jack’s, Tzar Nightclub, Uncorked, Vas Lounge and Xperience Event Center.

She thanked those who had contributed to putting the project together.

Arnold said the issue of venue availability and booking would be handled through an online booking platform. He said the platform would be built by Australian online music platform company Museek, which was sponsoring 90 per cent of initiating the basic platform.

“All the venues and the artistes will be hosted on that online booking platform, artistes will be able to upload their photos, bios, and links to their own music on YouTube, Soundcloud, everything will be automated, including performance contracts,” said Arnold. “Performing acts can add an unlimited number of users to their accounts, including their managers, band members, even their accountants.”

He added that a Live Music District app, which will be released at the end of March or beginning of April, will enable members of the public to know when performances are happening. This will be a great help to artistes to draw audiences to their shows, as well as for the venues. “You will be able to see the schedule of the District, access the venues and access specials which will be offered by the various venues.”

Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon said the LMD presents an opportunity for artistes to hone their skills through the live music circuit, and will create employment opportunities as “venues with increased patrons will require more personnel to provide associated services.”

She continued: “Sound engineers, stagehands, lighting technicians, stage/set managers, booking agents, and many other positions will also be required for the success and maintenance of this initiative. The creation of this District will also encourage more young persons to consider careers in the music industry as performers and looking beyond performance to production, sound engineering, composing, recording, publishing, etc.”

The Minister said the establishment of the LMD would also have a positive effect on the entire local music ecosystem, “where an efficient fully-functioning industry will bring local and foreign investment into music and an increased socio-economic contribution. Revenue for the global music industry is estimated at US$15.7 billion dollars and of course T&T must have a stake in that, particularly as music is an integral component of the domestic creative sector that has demonstrated international market appeal, a source of employment and a generator of foreign exchange.”

We need to close gap

8 hours 44 min ago

Financial literacy is a key component of the entire apparatus for consumer protection. And a financially educated society will bring together its financial resources to produce a stronger economy, which is particularly important given the tough economic climate.

This was the view of Central Bank Governor Alvin Hilaire during the National Financial Education Committee launch at the Central Bank, Port-of-Spain, on Monday.

“When you look at consumer protection and education within the form of a major apparatus there must four pillars, firstly knowledge, including knowing the product and the risks. Then there is transparency and market conduct.

“Clearly, the individual does not work alone and we want to make sure there is transparency in how the products are unveiled. It is no use being given a long, long form that nobody understands and that everyone can’t relate to,” Hilaire said.

He said there was a need for “ethical financial institutions” which are able to not only prevent matters but to operate in good faith.

“We want financial institutions to not only explain the products but to conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards,” Hilaire said.

He said redress was also a significant aspect, adding that in other countries there was the availability of a fair trading commission.

“This is something we don’t have, so we need to work on these things to make sure that things don’t fall through the cracks. When you have an educated public it creates and awareness so you do not have a problem in the end,” he said.

Financial Services Ombudsman Dominic Stoddard, who also spoke, said an estimated 21 per cent of T&T’s population remained unbanked.

“Our financial literacy survey found that 44 per cent of the population have low financial capabilities,” Stoddard said.

He said financial capability was measured according to three dimensions, including one’s ability to make ends meet, planning ahead for one’s financial future and knowledge of financial products and services.

“As a country we need to re-examine our relationship with money. Financial literacy is a life skill that you don’t just pick up along the way. Most of us adults would have wished from an early age we had an opportunity to lean about money and to develop responsible financial behaviour,” Stoddard said.

He said from 2017 to date they had held sessions with over 5000 people across the age spectrum and geography throughout T&T, but this was still insufficient.

“There is a deep and pervasive negative view of the financial sector. I see almost 1000 complaints annually, most of which could have been avoided had the public been properly informed, had the benefit of a financial literacy session and had the confidence to ask appropriate questions,” Stoddard said.

The committee comprises the Bankers’ Association of T&T (BATT), Central Bank’s National Financial Literacy Programme, T&T Credit Union League, Association of T&T Insurance Companies, Tobago House of Assembly’s Financial Literacy Secretariat, Securities and Exchange Commission of T&T and the T&T Stock Exchange.

JMMB ends week as volume leader

8 hours 46 min ago

Trading activity on the First Tier Market registered a volume of 422,297 shares crossing the floor of the Exchange valued at $12,064,007.67. JMMB Group Ltd was the volume leader with 253,010 shares changing hands for a value of $495,253.77, followed by The West Indian Tobaco Company Ltd with a volume of 99,742 shares being traded for $8,832,154.10.

Trinidad & Tobago NGL Ltd contributed 23,609 shares with a value of $661,622.97, while Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago Ltd added 16,032 shares valued at $1,002,000.00.

The West Indian Tobaco Company Ltd registered the day’s largest gain, increasing $0.05 to end the day at $88.55.

Conversely, NCB Financial Group Ltd registered the day’s largest decline, falling $0.03 to close at $6.50.

Clico Investment Fund was the only active security on the Mutual Fund Market, posting a volume of 18,800 shares valued at $378,030.00. Clico Investment Fund advanced by $0.01 to end at $20.11. Bourse Brazil Latin Fund remained at $8.40. Calypso Macro Index Fund remained at $20.48. Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Ltd SCC - Development Fund remained at $0.67. Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Ltd SCC - Value Fund remained at $1.70. Praetorian Property Mutual Fund remained at $3.05.

The Second Tier Market did not witness any activity. Mora Ven Holdings Ltd remained at $14.49.

Energy Chamber supports Govt’s renegotiation of contracts plan

8 hours 47 min ago

The Energy Chamber of T&T says it is in full support of the Government’s position that citizens must benefit from the wealth which comes from the energy sector. However, it says the challenge for any government in a resource-rich country is to put the legislation, systems, policies, procedures and contractual provisions in place to ensure this takes place.

In a statement yesterday, the Energy Chamber said, “To create value from its natural resources, governments often need to attract very significant levels of investment from companies who possess the capital, the right technical know-how and the experience to safely and effectively monetize these resources.

“As the Prime Minister stated, this involves creating a stable partnership between the State and the oil and gas companies; something which T&T has done well over many decades. T&T has been very successful in attracting investment from international companies which have the highest standards in terms of protecting the health and safety of employees and contractors, communities and the environment.”

At Wednesday’s Spotlight on Energy conference, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said the time had come for the contracts of multi-nationals to be re-negotiated. He had also said T&T had given incentives to extent that it is now in a loss making financial position and this cannot happen any longer, adding T&T’s revenue from energy had decreased from $20 billion to $1 billion.

Commenting on this, the Energy Chamber said, “Given the current revenue situation facing the country, it is reasonable for the Government to want to revisit some of the contractual arrangements in the sector, where there is an opportunity to receive higher economic rents.

“In the Spotlight on Energy hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, the Government specifically cited the marketing agreements for LNG. The fact that the marketing contracts for LNG from Train 1 come to an end this year provides the opportunity to renegotiate those contracts to ensure that more value flows back to T&T.”

On the issue of the Government saying it would like to revisit the marketing arrangement for LNG processed through Trains 2, 3 and 4, the Chamber said it “recognises the rights of parties to respectfully revisit contracts or regulations when conditions change.”

“In any renegotiations, the Government must be mindful of our well-deserved reputation as a jurisdiction that fully respects commercial contracts,” the Chamber said.

“We must ensure that this reputation is preserved or even strengthened in this process. n this regard, we were pleased by the relevant statements made during the Prime Minister’s closing remarks which suggest that he is so minded.”

Regarding Government’s commitment on local content, the Chamber said it welcomed the renewed focus of the Government on local content.

“The Energy Chamber has championed increased local content for many years and we hope that the renewed focus on this issue by the Ministry of Energy will be sustained and will move beyond a statement of intent to definitive actions that will assist value retention in country.”

Revenue Authority can fix it—Colm

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 23:59

The 2017 Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) performance assessment report prepared by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has found weaknesses and deficiencies in our tax administration which can only be improved with the establishment of the T&T Revenue Authority (TTRA).

This was the claim made by Finance Minister Colm Imbert as he laid the report in Parliament yesterday.

The report gave the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) a poor grading of is taxation system in several areas, he said.

The report, which provides the IRD in strengthening domestic revenue mobilisation, was compiled by the IMF following a visit by a team to T&T from September 20 to October 3, 2017, and outlined strengths and weaknesses in our taxation system.

While Imbert said T&T had made substantial and significant progress in reforming our taxation system for improving domestic revenues, he noted that our system has been under-performing and continues to suffer from serious issues with its organisational structure, governance and non-compliance, which led to the People’s National Movement putting in place the TTRA.

The report focused on nine key performance outcome areas (POAs), ranging from timely filing of tax declarations, effective tax dispute resolutions, efficient revenue management, effective risk management and accountability and transparency.

Imbert said the POAs are informed by 28 high level indicators critical to tax administration performance, which used a four-point score system—ranging from A to D—with A being the highest and D being the lowest.

In the nine POA areas—integrity of the registered taxpayer base, effective risk management, supporting voluntary compliance, timely filing of tax declaration, timely payment of taxes, accurate reporting in declarations, effective tax dispute resolution, effective revenue management and accountability and transparency, T&T’s tax system got a rating of 17 Ds, one D+, eight Cs, one A and a B. Some of the Ds were given for timeliness of payments, use of electronic filing facilities and public perception of integrity. The A was received for our efficient collection system, Imbert said.

“This finding of inherent weaknesses in our tax system administration has not come as a surprise to us and we must make every effort to correct the deficiencies that have been identified in a timely manner.

“The proposed TTRA will embrace best practice standards in domestic tax administration. It will provide efficiency and domestic revenue mobilisation and fast and efficient quality of service to taxpayers, through simple, transparent and up-to-date procedures,” Imbert said.

Imbert said the report represents a useful baseline of tax administration on which the authority would now build.

MP Bhoe Tewarie asked Imbert how long it will take to plug the tax leakages.

Imbert said while several of the scores were Ds, it was imperative the TTRA be established. He said the report looked at weaknesses in the system and did not “go to the actual quantum of estimates that were loss.”

Seven killed in 24 hours

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 23:45

Seven people were killed in less than 24 hours between Thursday night and yesterday evening, taking the murder toll to 117 for the year.

In Arima, police said at about 9 am yesterday, residents heard several gunshots at Ackbarali Street, Malabar.

Police who were called to the area found Dexter “Satan” Keegan, 43, bleeding from gunshot wounds. He was taken to the Arima District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said Keegan was well-known to them and he was a suspect in several murder cases and was also wanted in connection with firearm offences.

Earlier in the day, two men were shot dead while at Windy Hill, Arouca. They were identified as Lyndon Sutherland and Shervon Clarke. Sutherland, police said, had addresses in Arouca and San Juan. A motive is yet to be determined for the double murder, but police believe it is gang-related.

Shortly after 6 pm on Thursday in Gasparillo, soldier Sgt Ken Palmer, 42, was killed during an altercation with a male relative at his home at Rampersad Avenue, Dallo Road, Gasparillo.

Labourer ambushed, slain

Construction worker Samuel Mc Quilkin was gunned down as he drove into his driveway on Thursday night.

Police said Mc Quilkin, 37, of Swan Quarry Road, Valencia, died in his vehicle after he was shot in the chest and arm around 8.55 pm.

PCs Monsegue and Checkley, of Valencia Police Post, responded to reports from residents of gunshots in the area. When they arrived they found Mc Quilkin slumped behind the wheel of his white AD Wagon.

He had on his seat belt and the engine was still running.

A party of officers from the Sangre Grande station, led by ASP Renales and Insp Christopher Fuentes, of the Arouca Homicide Bureau Region II, and Cpl Randy Castillo also visited the scene.

Neighbours described Mc Quilkin as quiet person who is seldom seen about as he left home early and returned at night from work. He was separated from his wife and was living alone. Police said they have no motive for the killing, but believe he was ambushed.

Homicide officers from Arouca Region 11 is continuing investigation.

Mc Quilkin’s killing was one of seven within the space of 24 hours between Thursday evening and yesterday, taking the toll to 117.

Stabbed by co-worker

Police are investigating the murder of Kyle Bridgelal, 24, was allegedly stabbed by a worker during an argument yesterday.

Police said they received a call shortly after 4 pm of the incident, which occurred at Ajodha Road, Cunupia.

Dead after home invasion

Southern Division police are investigating the murder of 33-year-old Alex Loney.

According to reports, around 10.30 pm Loney’s mother, Laurel, was awakened from her sleep at their Winston Mahabir Street, Pleasantville home by her son’s screams. His screams were followed by two gunshots. Police said the mother became afraid and hid under her bed. About 15 minutes later, she checked in her son’s room and found him lying in a pool of blood. There was a gunshot wound to his head.

Police said Loney was known to them. He was the 15th murder victim in the division.

CJ’s office mum on vacation leave

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 23:42

The office of Chief Justice Ivor Archie remained silent yesterday on just how he was able to accumulate more than nine months vacation leave, which runs contrary to the regulations governing salaries and pensions for judges which specifically states vacation leave cannot be accumulated.

Archie’s office issued a press release this week indicating he had withdrawn his application for six months sabbatical leave and would instead be proceeding on 35 weeks unutilised vacation leave, part of which would be used for his intended sabbatical in Washington DC.

But members of the legal fraternity have questioned how the man who heads the judiciary could have accumulated so much leave, since he ought to know the law better than anyone else.

Archie, who took the oath in January 2008, is currently embroiled in a number of controversies and became the first sitting CJ to institute legal action against the Law Association, which represents the thousands of lawyers in the country. That matter, involving an investigation into allegations in the public domain against Archie, will be heard in the Court of Appeal on April 10.

Yesterday, Martin Daly SC said this appeal now takes on significant relevance. He said “if restraints are lifted,” at the end of the day the Law Association may recommend “strongly and publicly to the Prime Minister that he needs to invoke 137 of the Constitution, so in the scheme of things that appeal is a most important event.”

But there is currently a controversy about the accumulated leave.

Senior attorneys told the T&T Guardian that for Archie to have accumulated so much leave, it would have meant that in the ten years he has served as Chief Justice “he has been acting in breach of the regulations which govern such leave.”

Efforts to get responses from Archie’s office were unsuccessful. Emailed questions to Court Protocol and Information Manager Alicia Carter-Fisher seeking answers on whether the CJ had to work through the prescribed vacation periods and if so, whether she could provide details went unanswered.

Members of the judiciary and the legal profession told the T&T Guardian the CJ should clear the air on how he could have accumulated so much leave.

Daly said he was concerned about “the startling claim that he has a number of days inside or weeks inside that amount to eight or nine months and that is very startling because if you add up all the leave to which he is entitled, on the most generous construction you don’t arrive at nine months.”

What it means, he said, is that the CJ “must have in his calculation leave that he carried forward or accumulated from previous years and Regulation 6:02 says that you can’t accumulate leave.”

Avory Sinanan SC said he agreed Archie needed to clear the air on the issue given what the regulations prescribe.

Regulation 6:02, which deals with judges’ conditions of terms and service, details that in addition to Christmas and Easter vacation, judges of the Court of Appeal are entitled to six weeks vacation per annum and in the case of a Puisne Judge four to six weeks vacation per annum respectively in alternate years.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has written to President Anthony Carmona reminding him of the regulations. In his letter dated March 15, 2018, the PM said, “I trust that, as a Judge, the Honourable Chief Justice, and Your Excellency both in your current office and as a former member of the Higher Judiciary, have borne in mind the provisions of section 3 of the Judges Salaries and Pensions Act and section 6 of the Judges (Conditions of Service and Allowances) Regulations (No. 2) regarding respectively the definition of “Judge” and the accumulation of vacation entitlements.”

The T&T Guardian understands the President has sought legal advice on the issue in light of the PM’s letter. Efforts to find out whether the President had responded to the PM yesterday were also unsuccessful.

Cops could have prevented this

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 23:36

The wife of murdered T&T Defence Force Sergeant Ken Palmer believes her husband would have been alive today had the police investigated previous reports against the alleged assailant.

Speaking at a relative’s home yesterday as she comforted her two children, Radica Pooran, 40, said for the past four years her husband had been provoked and harassed by the alleged assailant and they had made several reports to the police.

“They (police) did not do enough, otherwise this would not have happened,” she said.

Palmer, 42, who had 20 years service, was shot several times following an altercation at his Rampersad Trace, Dalloo Road, Gasparillo home around 6.15 pm on Thursday. Another man related to the suspect was also shot and is in a critical condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Wiping away tears as she recalled the incident, Pooran said her husband was provoked. She said the suspect stopped his car on the road and asked her husband, ‘What you looking at? Yuh see something to look at?’ She said her husband replied, ‘I not on allyuh today boy, I not on that.’ She said the suspect reversed the car, pulled out a blade and attacked her husband.

“Ken tried to brakes, he ran under the house and took up a piece of iron to defend himself. There were three other brothers who also came and saw him (Ken) with the iron, they came with bottles and boulders and started to launch shots at Ken.”

Pooran, who was on the steps looking on with their children, said, “Ken tried to defend himself with the iron, but one of the brothers jumped on him and he couldn’t move the iron any more and the one with the blade thought it wasn’t enough, so he ran home straight into his mother’s house and came out with the gun. He didn’t stop to do anything, when he ran out with the gun he just keep shooting, shooting until he reach up on him.

“When he reach up on him Ken didn’t have any way at all to cover himself from the shots, it was in plain sight, it was then and there he shot him and his brother because his brother was in front of Ken cuffing him.”

She said when her husband got the first shot he told her to take the children inside. As she was rushing up the steps, she saw her husband fall to the ground. She said the assailant also fired three shots at her, but missed her.

“They (the assailant) always thought he would do something so they always threatening him, throwing talk and molesting him, but he never do nothing, he never rush out to do them anything.”

She said the harassment started four years ago with the cutting of her water line. She claimed in 2006 the assailant also robbed her. Pooran also complained that when she went to the Forensic Science Centre yesterday, a female regiment officer took her husband’s national identification card and gave it to her husband’s relatives, whom she does not share a good relationship. She later viewed her husband’s body, but claimed the regiment officer told her the military was taking control of his body.

“I understand that they have to do military rites for his funeral, but you can’t tell me that the military taking over and he has a common law wife with two kids.”

Up to midday yesterday, she said no one from the military had contacted her. She described her husband as a very caring, helpful joyful person who did not deserve to die. She said her husband was planning to celebrate their daughter’s birthday next week and to discussiontake the children to visit their sick grandfather in the US.

Contacted yesterday, Defence Force senior public affairs officer, Flight Lieutenant Monique Sprott, said the wife’s complaints would be investigated. Sprott confirmed Palmer’s military identification card was in the military’s possession. She added that the T&T Defence Force empathises with the family and was working with them to arrive at a solution that is comforting to all. She also expressed condolences to the family on behalf of the TTDF.

3 cops suspended

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 23:33

Three police officers from the La Brea Police Station have been suspended pending an investigation into their alleged failure to investigate a domestic violence report filed by murdered teacher Abigail Jones-Chapman.

The T&T Police Service sent out a release yesterday confirming the suspension with immediate effect of Sgt Rosalie Joseph-Taitt, Cpl Vierendra Ramlal and WPC Nailah Homer while an investigation is being conducted by the Professional Standards Bureau.

The release said acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams made the decision after reviewing a complaint from Jones-Chapman’s family and record from the station.

“Commissioner of Police (Ag.), Stephen Williams, on Thursday 15th March, 2018, requested from the Assistant Commissioner of Police—South, copies of all reports, statements and all relevant documents relating to the investigation of a report made by Abigail Jones-Chapman, at the La Brea Police Station, on March 8th, 2018,” the release said.

“These reports, statements and documents were perused and the Commissioner of Police has suspended from duty, with immediate effect, No 13381 W/Sgt Rosalie Joseph-Taitt; No 16835 Cpl Vierendra Ramlal and No 19496 WPC Nailah Homer, pending the completion of an investigation into an allegation of neglect of duty, to be conducted by the Professional Standards Bureau.”

Jones-Chapman, 41, was one of four people who were killed in Sobo Village, La Brea, on Tuesday. Her daughter Olivia, 16, her friend Michaela Mason,14, and landlord Michael Scott, 70, were also discovered dead in an apartment building at Kanhai Settlement. It is believed that Scott, who lived upstairs, heard a commotion and went to the other three victims’ assistance but was also killed.

Scott and Jones-Chapman were beaten to death, Olivia was beaten and stabbed and Michaela’s throat was slit.

Five days before these horrific murders, Jones-Chapman had reported to the police that she was assaulted and threatened by the suspect, whom she had once shared a close relationship. Her mother Christine Jones said the suspect, who lives at Guapo, attacked her daughter with a knife. Jones said the suspect also told her daughter the fate of Margaret Ragoobar-Gueverra, who was killed by a relative who also tried to kill himself in Sangre Grande last month, should have been hers. Jones said Olivia had berated the suspect after the incident last Thursday. She said the police told her daughter they were going to pick up the suspect, but they never did.

Meanwhile, in its own release on the matter yesterday, the Police Complaints Authority said it had noted the TTPS’ decision to suspend the officers for alleged neglect of duty in dealing with Jones-Chapman’s report.

Noting it will continue to monitor the case, the it said: “The PCA hopes that the expeditiousness displayed by the Acting Police Commissioner will be emulated by officers who are expected to act in relation to reports, including those concerning domestic violence.”

Several calls to Jones’ cellphone yesterday for a comment on the latest police action went unanswered.

The suspect also remains on the run.

Seales: Time for national discussio

Police Social and Welfare Association president Michael Seales says they stand ready to support the officers who have been suspended. However, he admitted last night that they had little information on the circumstances behind the decision.

“What the association has learned so far is that those officers would have done their duty and they would have sought legal advice and would have also submitted a file to their seniors,” Seales said in a telephone interview.

“What the association finds passing strange is that the officers themselves have been suspended. What the association wants to now do is to particularly partner and call on the Law Association for some suggested ways to respond to these issues of domestic violence. The association is satisfied that what has been put in place for a police officer to respond to, in terms of procedures and protocols, is not adequate enough for when mere threats are made, for what can happen after that in relation to an investigation and if at all you can subsequently charge the person that has perpetrated the offence.”

He said the association believes domestic abuse should be discussed at the national level, adding they are willing to work with the Law Association to show the public “from the position of the policemen how their hands are tied behind their backs in relation to the adequate response to the issue and not only an adequate response to the issue, but how the law impacts on that response.”

He said the association wants a meeting with Williams to discuss what led to his decision to suspend the officers.

CAL adds plane to airbridge

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 23:17

A Caribbean Airlines (CAL) aircraft that will be put as an addition to its airbridge fleet is expected to arrive this weekend.

According to CAL’s head of corporate communications, Dionne Ligoure, the aircraft will operate daily and will provide 1,088 extra seats.

Over 400 ferry passengers have been accommodated in CAL flights in the first two days of its collaborative effort.

This was confirmed by the T&T Inter-Island Transportation Company’s Manager, Marketing & Public Relations Vilma Lewis–Cockburn.

In a release, Lewis-Cockburn noted that on Tuesday 195 ferry passengers were flown from Port-of-Spain to Tobago while 100 were put on flights from Tobago to Port-of-Spain.

On Wednesday, 52 passengers were accommodated on flights to Tobago, while 112 were brought to Piarco.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian very briefly during a telephone conversation, Lewis-Cockburn said “operations are running good at this time.”

“The Port Authority is grateful to Caribbean Airlines for accommodating all persons with confirmed ferry tickets at this time,” Lewis-Cockburn stated in the release.

A video released to social media yesterday showed vehicles still parked in the Cabo Star cargo vessel at the Port-of-Spain Port. A male voice narrated that the vehicles were unable to be driven out upon docking of the vessel yesterday morning by its respective drivers as they were still awaiting on standby for flights to Port-of-Spain from Tobago.

CAL issued a release yesterday giving a breakdown of domestic operations for Thursday:

It said:

The total number of flights operated: 40

• The total number of seats provided: 2,892

• Total number of confirmed ferry passengers transported: 268

• Actual number of passengers carried 2,653 of this figure 1,286 were stand-by passengers

It said by the end of yesterday, it was projected that 48 flights will operate, providing 3,436 seats.

Today 36 flights will operate, providing 2,448 seats and tomorrow there will be 44 flights, with 3,300 seats.

Ligoure reiterated that its domestic operations have been enhanced to support the number of passengers affected by the disruption of the ferry service, “and to reinforce its regular schedule on the air bridge.”

“The airline continues to operate its core schedule and is also adding seats daily to facilitate seamless travel between T&T,” she added.

The Port Authority and the airline are expected to continue its collaboration until March 22 to ensure that persons holding confirmed ferry tickets are accommodated on CAL flights.

The Port Authority’s representatives also remain posted at both the Piarco International Airport and the ANR Robinson International Airport from 7 am to 7 pm to assist customers.


To access air travel with the confirmed ferry ticket, customers are advised to use the following process:
• Step 1–Confirmed Ferry ticket in hand
• Step 2– Check in at airports
• Passengers only–Go directly to the Caribbean Airlines Domestic Counter and present Ferry ticket- Valid photo ID required
• Passengers with vehicle–Check in at PoS or Scarborough Passenger Terminal
• Place vehicle on Cabo Star–Berth #3, Dock Road, PoS or vehicle area at Port of Scarborough
• Access PTSC bus at GSS PoS or Scarborough Passenger Terminal
• Check–in at Piarco or ANR International Airport
• Step 3– Airport await flights to/from Tobago
• Step 4–Boarding
• Step 5–Arrival at destination

St Louis to captain T&T women in Panama friendlies

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 22:36

Midfielder Tasha St Louis will captain an 18-player T&T senior women’s team in international action next week in two friendlies against Panama’s senior women’s team.

Tickets will cost $20 per match and will be available on sale at the venue on matchdays. The first match at the T&T Football Association (TTFA) Home of Football venue in Couva kicks off at 6.30 pm on Thursday. The same will apply for the second friendly between the two teams at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella from 4 pm next Saturday (March 24).

These matches will serve as warm ups for the national team as they prepare for CFU Cup action in April and the start of the CONCACAF Caribbean World Cup qualifiers in May towards the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

Head coach Jamaal Shabazz has called an 18-player squad for the two games which includes a few overseas-based players including US-based goalkeeper Nicolette Craig, Shanelle Arjoon of West Texas A&M University, forward Andrea Young of Canadian club Ottawa Fury, US-based defender Jenelle Cunningham and midfielder Naomie Guerra of William Carey University.

Canadian-based defender Arin King was not considered due to a knee injury while goalkeeper Kimika Forbes has been ruled out until June at least, according to team manager Jinelle James, after sustaining an ankle injury while on duty with her Colombian club Independiente Santa Fe.

One of the current home-based players, Mariah Shade, who has played professionally in France, said the local team is eagerly anticipating the upcoming contests.

“We are very much excited and eagerly awaiting these two games. We have been hard at training and now it’s just an opportunity to implement what we’ve been working on with our new coach Jamaal Shabazz,” Shade said.

“We know that it’s important for us to come out and put on a good show in preparation for our tournament coming up.

“We have a lot of players who were left heartbroken in our last qualifying campaign so we know this is another opportunity for us to come together once again and work hard to achieve this goal of qualifying for a World Cup and therefore it’s very important for us.

“We’ve been putting in a lot of work and we’ve been getting better with a consistent training programme over the past few months. It’s a younger team this time with a few of the experienced players involved still from the previous campaign so it’s a chance for us to mesh and continue building that chemistry in these two games against Panama.

“We will like for the fans to continue their support and come out and back us from early because our intention is to go all the way in the qualifications and we will really appreciate every bit of support we can get.”


Goalkeepers: Nicolette Craig (Essex County College), Tenesha Palmer (St Ann’s Rangers)
Defenders: Patrice Superville (QPCC), Jonelle Cato (Trincity Nationals), Anastasia Prescott (QPCC), Jenelle Cunningham (Real Dimension), Ayana Russell (QPCC), Natisha John (Trincity Nationals),
Midfielders: Tasha St Louis (Real Dimension), Karyn Forbes (Real Dimension), Janine Francois (Real Dimension), Naomie Guerra (William Carey University), Shanelle Arjoon (West Texas A&M), Kedie Johnson (St Augustine), Shenieka Paul (Petrotrin),
Forwards: Mariah Shade (Petrotrin), Natasha St Louis (St Ann’s Rangers), Andrea Young (Ottawa Fury).

Hillview crowned Secondary Schools champ

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 22:29

Hillview College repeated as champion of the PowerGen Secondary Schools Cricket Council league when it inflicted a massive 211-run victory over Barrackpore West Secondary at Barrackpore yesterday.

Trailing second place Naparima College by three points going into this final match, Hillview batted first and scored 272 for five 35 overs, with centuries from West Indies Under-19 players Kirstan Kallicharan and Keagan Simmons.

Kallicharan who has been in very good form this season smacked a rapid 118, while Simmons, who scored a century for the Windies at the U-19 World Cup in New Zealand earlier this year, made 110.

The two found the Barrackpore bowling to their liking and got runs to all parts of the ground in their rapid century partnership. Knowing fully well that batting points would give them the title, at the end of their innings, they were already crowned champions, even if Barrackpore had chased down the title.

Barrackpore had little joy during their bowling effort and the only thing they had to celebrate was a hat-trick taken by Ravindra Ramkissoon, who ended with figures of three wickets for nine runs.

Being the champion team, Hillview was hell bent on going for a big time and this its did by bowling out Barrackpore West for a paltry 61. Kareem Muradali grabbed three wickets for three runs while Jean Phillip Barrie claimed 3/17.

Hillview got 20 points from the win to end the tournament with 127 points, 17 more than Naparima College who finished on 110.


Hillview College 272/5 (35)(Kirstan Kallicharan 118, Keagan Simmons 110, Ravindra Ramkissoon 3/9) vs Barrackpore West Secondary 61 all out (N Seepersad 18, S Mohammed 15, Kareem Muradali 3/3, JP Barrie 3/17). Hillview won by 211 runs.

Bigman to light up Santa Rosa Park

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 22:26

The Baskaran Bassawh owned Bigman In Town is a confident selection to win the feature Starlight Stakes over 1,350 metres on the main track at Santa Rosa Park, Arima today. The three-time Jetsam “Horse of The Year” winner should win this event doing handsprings.

Though he ran the worst race in his career in Barbados two weeks ago, Bigman In Town will welcome the return to the sand and to going in the other direction. Now trained by Chester Roberts Bigman In Town will be extremely difficult to beat.

The main challenges will come the Harold Chadee trained Set Sail which has been very consistent all season. John O’Brien trio of Rocket Wheels, Leading Lady and Desert Dancer all have chances to upset the favourite if he misfires.

An outside shot is the Glenn Mendez trained Galaxy which if at his best can place.

In the co-feature, the top-weighted Conquest Bespoke will have it all to do to peg back the in-form Holy Man over this trip of 1,350 metres.

Buffalo Soldier which scored a minor upset last time out could again go close for connections. The Mendez trained pair of Control Unit and Whisper Light must be respected in the event.

Post time is 12.30 pm.

T&T beach v-ballers in Florida warm-up

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 22:25

Reigning national T&T men and women beach volleyball champions, Daneil Williams and Daynte Stewart, and Rheeza Grant and Abby Blackman will continue their 2018 Gold Coast Australia Commonwealth Games preparations by competing in the Dig The Beach Volleyball Summer Tour, Pompano Beach, Florida from today until tomorrow.

Only on Sunday last, Williams and Stewart continued their dominance of the T&T Volleyball Federation National Beach Volleyball Circuit (NBVC) by capturing the Third Leg at Saith Park, Chaguanas beating rivals Abraham Eccles and Joel Theodore 17-21, 21-19, 15-12 in the eight-team tournament.

The win was the third from as many competitions so far this season for the second year and eighth straight locally since last year.

By winning on Sunday as well, Williams and Stewart carried their points tally to 24, eight ahead of Eccles and Theodore on the national points table, and earned the right to compete in the North Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) Second-Leg stop in La Paz, California in mid-April.

Starting today in Florida, Williams and Stewart will do battle with 24 other teams with the aim of lifting the title tomorrow afternoon.

Grant and Blackman will have to shake off last Saturday’s defeat to Malika Davidson and Phylecia Armstrong, 27-25, 14-21, 13-15 in the final of the Third Leg of NBVC to focus on the task at hand where they will do battle with 21 other pairs.

So far this season, both Davidson and Armstrong, who by virtue of being the current national points table leaders after three rounds will represent T&T’s in La Paz next month as well.

However, today, it will be the pair of Grant and Blackman who will be on display on an international stage as they look to fine tune their game ahead of heading to Australia for the April 4 to 15 Commonwealth Games.

Earlier this year, Qatar-based Pauline Woodroffe and Armstrong also competed in a leg of the Dig The Beach Volleyball Series at Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida in January.

More misery for Windies with heavy defeat

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 22:23

MOUNT MAUNGANUI – West Indies Women extended their miserable winless run against New Zealand Women, when they crashed to a heavy 106-run defeat in the second Twenty20 International in New Zealand, yesterday.

Chasing an imposing 186 for victory under lights at Bay Oval, the Caribbean side’s batting collapsed yet against to leave them well short of their target at 79 for eight off their allotted 20 overs.

Kyshona Knight top-scored with 20 and was just one of three in double figures as the innings never got going, after losing a cluster of wickets up front.

Pacer Sophie Devine helped wreck Windies with three for 12 while off-spinner Leigh Kasperek ended with two for 13.

Earlier, the hosts piled up 185 for three off their 20 overs after being sent in, with Amy Satterthwaite hammering an unbeaten 71 and wicketkeeper Katey Martin stroking 65.

They were given a steady start by Devine and captain Suzie Bates who put on 33 off 26 deliveries for the first wicket.

Devine, dropped at point by Hayley Matthews off speedster Shamilia Connell off the first ball of the match, struck 27 from 21 balls with three fours and a six while Bates made 14.

Connell got the breakthrough when Bates dragged on a cross-batted heave in the fifth over and Devine followed in the seventh, holing out to Matthews at long-on off seamer Akeira Peters on 52 for two.

The Windies joy was short-lived, however, as Satterthwaite and Martin combined in a 124-run, third wicket stand to put New Zealand in command.

Sattherthwaite faced 42 balls and belted nine fours and a couple of sixes while Martin stroked 11 fours, also off 42 deliveries, to record her second straight half-century.

Faced with staging their highest-ever successful run chase, the Windies crumbled under the pressure and lost early wickets.

Matthews, coming off a half-century in the opening match, failed to find the same touch and perished in the second over for five with the score on 11, cutting a long hop from off-spinner Anna Peterson to Amedia Kerr at point.

The Windies suffered a massive blow in the next over when their captain and in-form batsman Stafanie Taylor fell for one, lofting a full-length delivery from speedster Lea Tahuhu to Kerr at mid-on with just three runs added.

Deandra Dottin (13) attempted a counter-attack, clearing the ropes at square leg with Tahuhu in the same over before launching Devine for a massive six over long on in the following.

But Devine struck twice in the fifth over, removing Dottin lbw and two balls later, claiming Reneice Boyce without scoring, gloving a lifter to Martin behind.

Rocking on 30 for four, there was no recovery for the Windies as wickets continued to tumble while the runs dried up.

Veteran Merissa Aguilleira, who opened the batting, spent 20 balls over 16 before she was caught at the wicket on the second attempt, driving at Kasperek in the eighth over with the score on 42.

New Zealand’s bowlers continued to strangle the Windies, with 15 runs trickling from the next 33 deliveries before Britney Cooper (5) tried to clear the ropes with Kasperek in the 14th and as taken at deep long on by Satterthwaite. CMC


S Devine c Matthews b Peters 27
*S Bates b Connell 14
+K Martin c Taylor b Dottin 65
A Satterthwaite not out 71
M Green not out 2
Extras (lb1, w4, nb1) 6
TOTAL (3 wkts, 20 overs) 185
Did not bat: A Peterson, L Kasperek, H Jensen, A Kerr, L Tahuhu, K Heffernan.
Fall of wickets: 1-33, 2-52, 3-176.
Bowling: Connell 4-0-37-1, Dottin 4-0-34-1, Matthews 3-0-27-0, Mohammed 3-0-31-0, Peters 2-0-13-1, Fletcher 1-0-16-0, Taylor 3-0-26-0.

H Matthews c Kerr b Peterson 5
+M Aguilleira c wkp Martin b Kasperek 16
*S Taylor c Kerr b Tahuhu 1
D Dottin lbw b Devine 13
R Boyce c wkp Martin b Devine 0
Kyshona Knight b Devine 20
B Cooper c Satterthwaite b Kasperek 5
A Fletcher b Heffernan 8
A Peters not out 3
A Mohammed not out 1
Extras (lb4, w3) 7
TOTAL (8 wkts, 20 overs) 79
Did not bat: S Connell.
Fall of wickets: 1-11, 2-14, 3-30, 4-30, 5-42, 6-57, 7-69, 8-78.
Bowling: Heffernan 4-0-14-1, Peterson 2-0-11-1, Tahuhu 3-0-16-1, Jensen 2-0-5-0, Devine 3-1-12-3, Kasperek 3-0-13-2, Kerr 3-1-4-0.
Result: New Zealand Women won by 106 runs
Series: New Zealand Women lead five-match series 2-0.
Toss: West Indies Women.
Umpires: B Bowden, K Cross; TV – A Mehrotra.

Narine career up in air again

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 22:21

SHARJAH – The career of West Indies off-spinner Sunil Narine was once again thrown into doubt after he was reported for a suspected illegal bowling action during the Pakistan Super League in the United Arab Emirates.

The 29-year-old Trinidadian, who plays for Lahore Qalanders, was reported following Wednesday’s 17-run victory over Quetta Gladiators in which he took two for 20 in an excellent four-over spell.

Narine has been placed on a warning list but is still free to play in the tournament. However, if he is reported again he will be slapped with a ban.

“Mr Narine has now been placed on the warning list and may continue to be selected to play and bowl for his team in the PSL,” the Pakistan Cricket Board confirmed.

“As the PSL follows the ICC Regulations on illegal bowling ,if a player is reported while on the warning list, the player shall be suspended from bowling for the remainder of the PSL tournament.”

The PCB are now expected to forward the match officials report to Cricket West Indies.

Narine’s career has been plagued by question marks over his action and was banned 2-1/2 years ago after being reported following an One-Day International between West Indies and Sri Lanka in Pallekele.

He took no part in the West Indies Twenty20 World Cup campaign in India in 2016 as he underwent remedial work on his action, and was eventually cleared to resume bowling in April of that year.

Narine courted controversy last month when he, along with fellow Trinidadians Darren Bravo, Kieron Pollard and Jamaican Andre Russell, opted out of selection for the ongoing ICC World Cup qualifiers in Zimbabwe. CMC

Govt offers $1m for Olympic gold

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 22:17

T&T sportsmen and women will no longer be competing just for glory of victory after government yesterday gave approval for monetary rewards through the adoption of the National Policy on Sport (NPS) 2017-2027.

The policy was laid in Parliament by Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs Darryl Smith due to the fact that T&T has been without a national sport policy since the expiration of the 2002 National Sport Policy in 2012.

Emanating from the policy is the institution of a formal documented Incentives and Rewards Framework for national athletes who medal at the Olympics, Paralympics, World Cup and/or World Championships in identified sporting disciplines and thereby bring international recognition to T&T.

This Framework, which also received Cabinet’s favourable consideration, will see athletes medalling at the Olympic Games being awarded TT$1,000,000 for gold medal,TT$500,000 for silver medal and TT$250,000 for bronze medal achievements.

Athletes medalling at World Cup/World Championships will be awarded $500,000 for gold medal achievements, $250,000 for silver medal achievements and $125,000 for bronze medal achievements.

This means that national athletes will no longer have to wonder what they will receive for their successes in sport on the international stage.

The new policy 2017-2027 was systematically developed through document reviews, public consultations, stakeholder interviews and a combination of electronic and other survey methods. The Policy embraces two overarching themes, namely, ‘Development of Sport’ and ‘Sport for Development’, which in turn are underpinned by 13 broad objective areas, focused on achieving the policy vision of the establishment of clear pathways towards holistic sport development and sporting achievement.

Minister Smith said: “We, at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs are athlete-driven and we stand committed to the attainment of holistic sport development, whilst supporting our athletes’ pursuit of excellence at the highest levels of competition.”

The NPS 2017-2027 employs a collaborative approach towards objective achievement, by highlighting partnerships with counterpart Ministries, such as Health, Education, National Security, Community Development, Social Development and Local Government.

The policy also employs a supportive framework, not only to facilitate implementation, but also to ensure the achievement of the desired outputs and outcomes. This framework includes: 2017-2022 Sport Development Plan (NPS Implementation & Action plans); 2017-2027 NPS Monitoring and Evaluation Framework; and 2017-2020 National Framework for the Development of Sport and Sport for Development.

Minister Smith reiterated that the monitoring and evaluation framework is critical to the successful implementation of the NPS and applauded the Ministry’s continuing efforts in this regard. He also noted that a Maintenance Policy will also be tabled as an adjunct document to the NPS, to provide guidelines for the maintenance of the country’s TT$4billion sporting asset base.

Additionally, the financing of sport is to be addressed in a comprehensive Sport Funding Policy which speaks to several funding streams, including for elite athlete support and athlete development.

The incentives framework also identifies rewards for junior athletes as well as para-athletes who medal at these high-level competitions.

Cabinet also agreed to the application of the Framework to recompense individual athletes who medalled at the Olympics, Paralympics, World Cup and/or World Championships from 2015 to 2017, and considered the special case made for the rewarding of national teams which medalled at these competitions over the same period.

More recently, approval was granted to reward senior national teams for first-time qualifications only for the Olympics, World Cup and/or World Championships. The first beneficiaries of this will be the national senior men’s hockey and national senior women’s volleyball teams which qualified for their respective 2018 World Championship tournaments.


4 x 400 metres Men’s Silver Medal, 2015 IAAF World Championships
4 x 100 metres Women’s Bronze Medal, 2015 IAAF World Championships
Athletics Gold, World Youth Championships 2015
Athletics Bronze, Olympics 2016
Athletics Gold, Silver, Bronze, Paralympics 2016
4 X 400 metres Men’s Gold Medal, 2017 IAAF World Championships
ICC Women’s World T20 2017
ICC Under 19 World Cup
Athletics Gold, Paralympics 2017
Athletics Bronze, World Championships 2017

Wyke, new Commanding Officer for T&T Regiment

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 21:59

Former Defence and Military Attaché in Washington DC, USA, Colonel Darnley E Wyke has assumed command of the T&T Regiment, replacing former Commanding Officer, Brigadier Archillus Phillip.

Phillip has now been promoted to Vice Chief of Defence Staff of the T&T Defence Force, a statement from the Regiment said on Thursday. The Regiment welcomed Wyke as its 19th substantive Commanding Officer to the helm at a ceremony at the Regiment Headquarters in Aranguez on Thursday. A media release stated that Wyke enlisted in the Regiment on February 17, 1985, and received his Presidential Commission as an officer on May 31, 1985, after graduating from the prestigious Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst in the United Kingdom.

“Wyke has served meritoriously with the Regiment for the past 33 years and in this time, has received numerous decorations including the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Efficiency Decoration, the Long Service Medal, the General Service Medal for 1990 and the General Service Medal for the fifth Summit of the Americas, 2009. His academic accolades include a myriad of professional military development and staff courses as well as civilian diplomas and certificates, which includes a Masters in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College in Canada as well as a BSc in Management studies from the University of the West Indies.”

Wyke has held several command portfolios including Unit Commanding Officer of both infantry battalions as well as the support and services battalion. He has also served as the Military Liaison Officer to the Ministry of National Security, the Chief Staff Officer to the Chief of Defence Staff.

Increase in tremors,normal activity—SRC

Fri, 03/16/2018 - 21:59

There were no reports of any injuries or structural damage to buildings following an earthquake which shook parts of the country on Thursday night, according to Dr Joan Latchman of the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre.

There were initial reports that the earthquake with a magnitude of 4.6 magnitude earthquake which occurred on the north of the Paria peninsula around 10.49 pm. It was located at 10.91N and 62.08°W with a magnitude of 4.6 and depth of 54km. It was reported felt in Trinidad and Grenada.

Among the areas it was felt were Diego Martin, St James, Westmoorings, Port-of-Spain and Petit Valley.

Shortly after 2 pm yesterday, an earthquake occurred north-west of Trinidad. It was located at 11.03N and 61.85°W with a magnitude of 4.2 and depth of 16 km.

It was not reported felt on land, according to the Seismic Research Centre.

On April 23, 2017, Trinidad experienced a 4.7 earthquake.

“We expect in this general area…if we consider 4.6 to 5.0 earthquake a class earthquake, we would expect one of those every year. Make it be known that this is normal and the big one, when it occurs, will be normal and because it is normal, we need to be preparing for it,” Latchman said.

In 1766, Trinidad suffered a magnitude 8 earthquake which flattened a number of buildings, which Latchman said was devastating across the country. She could not say if lives were lost.

“What we are trying to get people to understand is that all the little earthquakes we feel are all part of the normal activity associated with the earthquake hazard in our region. This is consistent with what we would expect.”

She said every 10 to 15 years we would face an earthquake which would measure around six.

“But we had one in 2013 and then we had one again in 2016. Certainly, we are seeing an increase. We need to get away from this idea that we are going to see something to tell us when the big one is happening tomorrow.”